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    Company Profile

    Ningbo Weitao is specialized in the research,develop and manufacture of Electrical Light with right of import and export. We are a level AA credit rating company of Ningbo. Mainly produce and export LED Emergency Sensor Light,LED solar sensor Light,LED Flood Security Light,LED Desk Lamp,Lantern,Flashlight and other LED light made of various materials such as plastic and aluminium.The product are shipped to worldwide and favorably appraised by the customers.

    Ningbo Weitao covers an area of 16000sqm,with 9000sqm work place and 3000sqm warehouse,Over 400 workers and 20 engineers develop team. “To be guided by technology,Seek progress with quality,To be creative ” is our main commitment.

    Ningbo Weitao has attained ISO9001,ISO14001,BSCI and WCA. Audited by Costco,Lowe’s,Aldi,Lidl and etc famous company.