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    About Us

    Ningbo Yongxu Industrial Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city – Ninghai, Zhejiang. Established in 2007, it is subordinate to Ningbo Sanxiao Investment Co., Ltd. together with Ningbo Shuanglin Industrial Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Yongxu Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. They specialize in outdoor products, household appliances and auto parts respectively.

    We have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry and have professional and efficient design, development and production teams that can meet the systematic work of product design, development, production and sales of domestic and foreign customers.

    Main products: children's plastic swing chairs, wooden swings, rubber-plate swings, safety nets, climbing ropes, climbing stones, climbing ladders, slides and other products.

    The company commands overall arrangements with quality and service and regards the interests of consumers as its core values. It sincerely looks forward to your cooperation and support!

    Vision - Leading the Industry and Built to Last
    Mission--Serve Customers and Make Employees Succeed
    Honesty - Be Honest and Operate in Good Faith
    Responsibility - Performing Duties and Be Responsible
    Cooperation & Competition – Competition & Cooperation to Achieve Win-Win Coexistence
    Innovation - Continuous Improvement and Collaborative Innovation